About Sharon...

Inherited Natural born Psychic/Medium over - 30 years experience

Sharon Watts is on her way to becoming one of the UKs top Psychic-Mediums.

Sharon is a dedicated & natural communicator between the different planes of the Spirit World.

Having inherited her Psychic ability from a very young. she works by tuning into the Auric field, connecting with loved ones that have passed giving you an insight as to what your life's journey has to offer you.

Having studied subjects Meditation, Reiki & Seichem Sharon has worked on these to become a qualified skilled Teacher & Practitioner; helping to aid people and every living being, within a needed time of assisted health and well-being.

Works with empathy and understanding, quotes as a 'skilled communicator' and 'Very Accurate'.

Specialises in...

  • Love & Relationships|
  • Career & Money
  • Well-being
  • Life Path
  • Clairvoyance
  • Tarot Cards
  • Mediumship

Spiritual & Psychic Healing

Reiki & Seicham Master/Teacher/ Practitioner

Teacher of Meditation